Monday, July 8, 2013

little conehead

my sweet boy and the cone of shame. 

sean and i rushed charlie to the animal hospital on sunday when we noticed a huge bump under the right side of his jaw. we thought it might have been a bee sting from his sojourns out in our backyard. but it turned out to be a lot worse.

vet said the abscess in his neck was caused by a bite from jonesy. must have been from their wrasslin' sessions. her tooth punctured the skin a few days ago and an infection had set in. 

luckily, charlie didn't have to stay overnight. we were able to pick him up after a couple of hours. after the vet shaved him, cut the wound open, drained it, cleaned it and stitched him back up. and boy, were we ever aghast at what it looked like afterwards. 

charlie will make a full recovery, however, he'll have to wear that dreaded plastic cone for the next 14 days until the stitches comes out.

poor little guy. 

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