Thursday, June 13, 2013

like a fly on the wall

i wish i could say that i was channeling bono here, circa 1991, but sadly, this is me in the midst of getting a crown at the dentist. 

what might not come across in this pic is that the entire lower right side of my face is frozen. scratch that - i was frozen all the way up along the nose and cheekbone. i couldn't even get my right nostril to flare, try as i might.

i remember when i got all four wisdom teeth pulled years ago. i barely experienced any swelling thanks to the antibiotics and anti-inflammatories in my drip. you can betcha i asked to be knocked out. far less traumatic than seeing the dentist holding your head down and coming at you with an elevator and dental forceps.

getting a crown put on, however, resulted in the one-sided chipmunk cheek look after the freezing wore off. it seriously looked like a was storing nuts for the winter. on one side of my face. fortunately, the swelling went away over the course of a few days.

lucky for me, i'm not phobic about visiting the dentist, having seen him tons of time since i was a child. (i liked my sugar. a lot.) although truth be told, the sound of a drill and the smell of disintegrating tooth can be a bit unsettling. 

anyways, here's what my crown looked like on the computer, as it was being milled in office. 

well, enough of that "pleasant" experience and me looking like a hot mess. back to bono and the fly. *sigh* i wish U2 would make music like they use to.

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