Sunday, March 24, 2013

we are all stardust

voyager 1 has left the building. on march 24, the NASA probe traveled past the heliocliff and into...interstellar space? an undefined region beyond our solar system?

we don't know. yet.

the thought of it is unimaginably exciting. and frightening. what will we come across? is anyone going to come across our probe?

are we alone in the universe?

the thought of humankind launching this piece of earth metal into space 35 years ago and having it travel 11 billion miles, beyond the influence of the sun, is mind-bending to me.

and the fact that we can still receive signals from voyager 1 from that distance! (even though it takes about 17 hours for us to receive any images)

with globalization and the creation of the internet, we feel that the world has gotten smaller. and that view may be true in some cases, but we are really just a tiny, infinitesimal speck.

take the universe and drill it down: from our galaxy, to individual planets, to earth, to north america, to canada, to british columbia, to vancouver, to the street where i live and finally, to me. and of course, i'm over-simplifying.

way to feel small, right?

so in honour of humankind taking a further leap into the unknown and the enlightenment it brings, a song about ancient mars by vancouver indie band, the zolas. enjoy.

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