Wednesday, March 13, 2013

i love your funny face

think pink!

although i have audrey hepburn movies in my dvd collection, i just couldn't pass up the chance to watch one of my favourite audrey movie on the big screen. not only was it projected on a 3 story high screen, but this new DCP restoration brought back the look in dazzling technicolour and vistavision not seen in 55 years. the colours and details just jumped off the screen.

the last time i watched an audrey movie on the big screen was at the HBO bryant park summer film festival in new york. the film was charade, co-starring cary grant.  the lawn was packed with people, but i managed to find a seat under some trees. big mistake - it was hot and muggy and i kept getting bitten by insects. unfortunately, it got so bad that i had to leave before the movie was over.

cineplex theatre's classic film series runs from march to august and is a wonderful opportunity for classic film fans (like me!) to see all their favorites in digital format. and on a screen larger than when the movies were first released.

this year's series include: the ten commandments, the wizard of oz, roman holiday, the great escape, to catch a thief and some like it hot. and yes, you'll most likely find me at roman holiday.

i'm also super excited at cineplex's other upcoming events, particularly the dance series.

at the end of the month, the royal ballet's alice's adventures in wonderland will be screened! this was THE production i wanted to see. but unless i flew to london or to toronto where they were performing, it was a no-go. instead i went to the royal winnipeg ballet's version when it came to vancouver. i can't wait!

and of course, i would be remiss if i didn't attend one of my favourite movies ever, aliens. it's not the first time i've seen it on the big screen and certainly won't be my last.  it's been almost 3 years now and i say it's time for another re-visit. (never mind that we have the blu-ray at home). it's the big screen!

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