Thursday, January 31, 2013

what's for dinner?

my #firstpost on vine. this app is all the rage, being touted as 'instagram for video.' i see how it can be fun, but there's 2 things that i don't like about it. 

1. if i don't post the video to my twitter or fb right away, i'm unable to post later

2. there's no managing settings. i can't make my profile private or block skeevy pervos 

so i tried out cinemagram and i like it better. sure, you can't record 6 seconds of video, but...

1. you can decide the start and end point of your clip

2. you can speed it up or slow it down

3. you're able to upload video taken from your iphone or another app to cinemagram

4. there are 15 filters you can play with

here what the same clip looks on my cinemagram:

What's for dinner?

Created with

the feeling is less staccato and disposable. it's more 70s home movie-ish, conveying a feeling or a story. and even though vine has come onto the scene like a bat out of hell, it feels unfinished - like the developers rushed it out the door (and to little fanfare).  and the proliferation of porn on vine makes me not even want to launch the app.

i think i shall like to indulge my inner truffaut with cinegram. expect to see more videos.

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