Thursday, January 31, 2013

nobody parties like business people party

were me and my friends ever this young, exuberant and downright crazy? this was my thought as i  covered the JDC west competition last weekend.

JDC west is western canada's largest business competition. modeled after jeux du commerce in eastern canada, the annual event sees 600 delegates from 12 business schools, competing in 10 academic disciplines, a parlimentery debate, athletic tournaments and a social competition. it's an intense 48 hours with round the clock competitions, culminating in a fancy dinner and gala awards at the end of the weekend. and my work was the presenting sponsor.

and before you go thinking that (future) accountants slash business people slash non-profit folks are all dowdy, nebbish old bean counters and pencil pushers, well, you could not be more wrong. of course, there are those types, but as with my experience working in the opera industry, even mr suit and tie can party with the best of them.

and even though the students were trying to out compete each other, there was a real sense of camaraderie too. during the gala awards, whichever school would win top honours in a category, all the other students would rush over and make a cheer tunnel for the winners to go under, on their way to the stage. winners were encouraged and expected to dance and whoop it up on stage as victors.

did i also mention the spirit fingers everyone was making, while they were huddled together, hoping that their schools would be announced as winners?

some highlight pics that reminded me just how old i am:

presented by CGA

you'd think you were at a rave, but this is just opening night ceremonies

dinner & gala awards night with mac & cheese centrepieces

left: 2nd runner up - asper school of business
right: 3rd place winner - sauder school of business

we're #1! edwards school of business takes school of the year prize

these pictures don't even convey half of the excitement and craziness. as CGA was the title sponsor, the students showed us love all weekend long. they especially went bonkers over the music video we produced especially for this event. 

oh, yes we did.

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