Sunday, November 18, 2012

the wild ones

in the 90s, my love for suede knew no bounds. even today, brett anderson occupies a special space in the depths of my music loving heart.

my biggest concert regret remains not being able to score a ticket to the one and only time suede came to vancouver in 1993. the effort to obtain such an elusive ticket proved fruitless. absolutely, no one was giving up their ticket to the sold out concert at the town pump. not to mention, it was made even worse by a friend of mine who went and would not shut up about how fantastic the gig was.

suede has long since disbanded, although they did get back together for a few festival gigs in 2010. and brett anderson have only toured a handful of european cities since going solo. but i can still hope that one day i'll see them play live.

so for this rainy sunday afternoon, one of my favourite suede songs, which also happens to be brett anderson's favourite ones as well. interviewed by GQ magazine, he was asked, "finally, if you could take one song out of this life with you, what would it be?"

anderson's response?

"'wild ones'. i think it stands up against anything from my record collection. it's a beautiful song."

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